Song Concentration Game

Use this Birding by Ear song game to quickly learn bird songs by competing with yourself to identify singing birds. After selecting a category from Beginner to Advanced or by type (Warblers, Flycatchers or Sparrows), start the game by touching tiles and listening to locate and match birds. Each bird chosen to be on the play-board will appear in two of the 36 squares. When matching consecutive tiles are touched, the paired birds will be displayed. The tiles will be flipped over showing a picture of the bird singing. To win, identify all birds by matching their songs and flipping over all the tiles. A timer is provided to test yourself against the clock.

Your challenge is to finish matching as quickly as possible. As you proceed, knowing the birds' songs by ear will give you a distinct advantage in locating its twin. Start with the Beginner level to verify this. Similar sounding birds such as Flycatchers and Warblers will take you longer to reveal all birds behind their boards. That is, until you become better at birding by ear.

Once a bird is matched or identified and their tiles flipped over, pressing one of a matched pair of birds will produce a larger picture of this bird. Pressing the name of the bird below the image will open a new window in eBirdr for that bird. The timer will be suspended for this review.

Good luck birding by ear and we welcome any your feedback.